ARDA Lesson Plans

The ARDA Lesson Plans integrate content from the ARDA and other sources into teachable units. More than 25 lessons plans are listed below. Each lesson has specific learning objectives, a host of relevant readings from which to choose, learning activities to utilize in class, and assessment tools to gauge student learning on the topic. Lesson plans contain links to the ARDA learning resources to make it easy for educators to use the ARDA in their teaching.

The ARDA Lesson Plans can be used in a variety of ways, from constructing an entire course using the lesson plans or picking one or two to incorporate into an existing course. For example, "The Sociological Study of Religion" lesson is an ideal complement to an Introduction to Sociology course. Or, 12 to 15 lessons can be combined to construct a full course on the social scientific study of religion. The lessons are designed for courses in a wide range of disciplines, including history, political science, psychology, religious studies, and sociology.

Starting Points

Defining Religion
The Sociological Study of Religion

Social Scientific Theory on Religion

Classical Theorizing about Religion
Contemporary Theorizing about Religion: Looking to the Future
Contemporary Theorizing about Religion: Religious Economies/Rational Choice
Contemporary Theorizing about Religion: Secularization
Contemporary Theorizing about Religion: Subcultural Identity and Strictness Theories

Religion in a Global Context

Introducing World Religions
Religion and Globalization
Religion, Violence, and Terror

Religion in America

Religion in America: Denominations and Congregations
Religion in America: Religious Beliefs
Religion in America: Religious Experiences and Practices
Religion in America: Religious Leaders

Religion and Social Institutions

Religion and the Family
Religion and Gender
Religion and Health
Religion and the Paranormal
Religion and Politics
Religion and Race/Ethnicity
Religion and Science
Religion and Sexuality
Religion and Social Class
Religion and Social Movements

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